Twin Sister “Color Your Life”

The follow up to the their 4 track debut, Color Your Life, is the atmospheric, sultry and romantic second EP from Brooklyn’s Twin Sister.

Andrea, Bryan, Eric, Gabe and Idbhav sensually unfold an aural bedroom complete with faraway, dreamy vocals from start to finish.

Possibly the most haunting of the tracks, the opening track, “The Other Side of Your Face”, slowly unravels and climbs as Andrea Estella’s pleadingly haunting voice beckons and coos.  The second track “Lady Daydream”,  floats through and offers up a lovers testament while tapping on our heartstrings and our nostalgic senses of lovers come and gone with lyrics such as, She took it all from me/Now I can’t find my place/Do you ‘member me/Do you know my face?”.  On “All Around and Away We Go” we’re teased and coaxed with a softly sultry disco beat that steams up the room.

I recently put Twin Sister on a mix titled “Summer Daydreaming” for all those muggy, steamy, firefly filled nights of romanticism and longing.

Twin Sister is currently on tour with Memoryhouse.


♫ ♥ ditte

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