Interview with Kinrisu

08-Le chiot by kinrisu

Kinrisu is the alias of Rachael Wellington. Currently based in Paris, France, the California born artist seems to live in a magical world of fairy-tales, ghost stories, and quiet introspection. The lo-fi recordings & sweet whispery vocals add a dreamy quality to the folk inspired music, making you feel as though you’ve traveled to a far away and forgotten time. The music has a calming quality, like a sweet lullaby, or a bedtime story you’ll always remember. In addition to this beautiful music, she’s created countless pieces of art that also fit into a similar world of make-believe. The intricate drawings of animals and other interesting characters are like an ode to Pointillism paintings of the Neo Impressionist era, hundreds of colorful dots filling up each page. Both the music and the drawings have a darker quality beneath the surface, adding even more curiosity and interest.

Aida: Your drawings almost seem to complement your music. What kind of things inspire you or is the inspiration different with each medium?

Rachael Wellington: Both mediums begin with a simplistic idea and work together to form a collage of sounds and images. I’m inspired by nature, science fiction, love, psychology and everything else.

A: Have you always naturally drawn this way or is it a style you’ve developed over the years?

RW: My style has changed over the years and continues to shift gradually as I grow. When I first began to draw to accompany my songs, the process was different from now. I would let my eyes hallucinate with stains on windows, or patterns in curtains until creatures made of scribbled rainbows and cheap markers were born. I still use this process for organic lines and shapes in my drawings but I depend less upon it and instead of scribbling I work at a much calmer rhythm.

A: When did you begin writing songs, and are there any musicians from then and now that are particularly influential?

RW: As a little girl I would make up lyrics and sing while my father played guitar but I did not attempt to compose my own songs on a musical instrument until seven years ago. Some musicians that have probably influenced my voice and style are Mazzy Star, Animal Collective and Billie Holiday.

A: Is there a lot of you in your work or are you more of a storyteller?

RW: I am a storyteller of everyday life, my fantasies and the schizophrenic way in which the world was explained to me as a child.

A: What do you want people to know about you and your work?

RW: Perhaps some people would be interested to know that I am working on a new EP to be released in September with a book of drawings and lyrics.

To hear & see more of Rachael’s work, please visit:

♥ aida

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2 Responses to Interview with Kinrisu

  1. Sydney says:

    Very creative and soothing.

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