Sensual Predators by Waterlaso

Before the birth of Waterlaso, Michael Cameron experimented with different sounds and projects, taking cues from a variety of influences, while also developing his own way of doing things. After over 15 years of songwriting and recording, he has perfected his style and created a unique sound and personality for his songs.

The music is catchy, melodic, beautiful, light, and heavy all at once. The words are interesting, clever, heartbreaking, humorous, and inspirational. It’s the combination of different elements that makes Waterlaso a timeless and memorable band. It all comes together to form a complete package that is accessible enough to grab your attention, but emotional enough to leave a real impression.

The feeling can be compared to bands like The Smiths or Depeche Mode, who can get people dancing and having fun, while also gaining an endless string of devoted fans who relate to and are comforted by what they have to say.

Waterlaso’s latest release Wild, which was produced by Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Half Japanese), showcases the depth Michael Cameron is capable of, and the progression in sound since his previous effort, What Have You Ever Done To Deserve Everything You’ve Ever Wanted.

Wild transitions from shimmery guitar sounds and heartfelt words of longing to darker and quirkier electronic songs about hope and fear. It keeps your interest from start to finish and evokes a variety of emotions, as it taps into different parts of your brain. Michael’s clever insights and interesting metaphors tug at your heart strings, while also managing to keep a sense of humor.

Michael has always been the sole songwriter and craftsman of Waterlaso, but he has an amazing band to back him for live performances. They gig in Los Angeles frequently (most recently at The Echo and The Smell, and an in studio performance on KXLU) and a tour is in the works.

Wild is currently available for purchase at Amoeba Records in Hollywood and online, through Amazon: Wild

To keep up with Waterlaso, please visit: www.waterlaso.com

♥ aida

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