Pavement @ Central Park 9/22/10

Crooked rain, crooked rain! Completely soaked, under flashes of lightning that created a purple glow in the sky, the crowd at central park braved the random storm to witness Pavement’s nearly two hour set. A 20 minute break unfortunately cost us quite a few songs, but we might have lost Pavement to electrocution instead if they had stayed on stage during the more intense electric bolts of light.

This tour is possibly the best the band has ever sounded. Not only are they more polished and less stoned, but they seem to be enjoying it more than they ever did in the 90’s. They jumped around their catalogue but mostly focused on Slanted & Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. They even surprised us with some EP/compilation tracks (Lions (Linden), Heckler Spray, Spizzle Trunk). Personally, I’ve never felt so content standing in the rain.


Heckler Spray / In The Mouth A Desert / Perfume-V / Trigger Cut / Unfair / Range Life / Starlings Of The Slipstream / Spizzle Trunk / Shady Lane / Fight This Generation / Summer Babe / Cut Your Hair / Kennel District / Gold Soundz / Zurich Is Stained / Stereo

Break for the bands safety

The Hexx / Two States / Spit On A Stranger / Grounded / Silent Kid / Father To A Sister Of Thought / Stop Breathin’ / Date With IKEA / Feed ‘Em To The Lions (Linden) / Here // Conduit For Sale!

♥ aida

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