Guided By Voices @ The Wiltern 10/4/2010

It’s all about the 90’s this week in my life. I was completely transported on Monday night as Robert Pollard swung his mic, downed his booze, and kicked the air playfully. There was a lot of smoking, drinking, and hugging going on up there.

The band was enjoying the music and each others company, and the show came to a close with a swarm of fans taking over the stage during “Motor Away.”

A single fan jumped on stage by himself shortly after. He sang into the mic with Robert and was offered a bottle of tequila, but it was returned after only a couple swigs.

I forgot everything but the music for nearly two hours and I couldn’t have asked for a better setlist:

1. A Salty Salute
2. Shocker in Gloomtown
3. Tractor Rape Chain
4. Pimple Zoo
5. Closer You Are
6. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
7. Break Even
8. My Valuable Hunting Knife
9. Cut-Out Witch
10. Hot Freaks
11. A Good Flying Bird
12. Lethargy
13. Striped White Jets
14. Matter Eater Lad
15. The Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory
16. Awful Bliss
17. 14 Cherleader Coldfront
18. Quality of Armor
19. Gold Star for Robot Boy
20. Dodging Invisible Ray
21. Gleemer (The Deeds of Fertile Jim)
22. Queen of Cans and Jars
23. Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy
24. Echos Myron
25. My Impression Now
26. I Am a Scientist
27. My Son Cool
28. Game of Pricks
29. Smothered in Hugs

30. Postal Blowfish
31. Don’t Stop Now
32. Motor Away

Encore 2:
33. Jar of Cardinals
34. Exit Flagger
35. Some Drilling Implied

Encore 3:
36. Johnny Appleseed
37. Weed King

♥ aida

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2 Responses to Guided By Voices @ The Wiltern 10/4/2010

  1. Cheesus says:

    Hey, I was at this show but missed the first hour due to a flight delay home from the Matador 21 shows in Vegas. I also missed the free download of the show on GBVdigital… did you get a copy? Can you point me in the right direction (as it was only available for 48 hours on the site)? I NEED a copy of the sow and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  2. secret girls says:

    if the show was only available for 48 hours, then i unfortunately missed it. the only “exclusive” thing i’m able to d/l is the track off robert’s new album. everything else seems to be all access. sorry!

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