Chapterhouse @ The Troubadour 10/8/2010

The return of Chapterhouse proved that both the band and the music have aged quite well. There’s always a lot of doubt when a band reunites, but if they’re still passionate about the music, they generally live up to my expectations. If the music was good then, it should still be good now, right?

The past few years have brought back a lot of old favorites and most of them are still on top of their game. Chapterhouse was no exception. They come from “the scene that celebrates itself,” but the sold out Troubadour proved that they have a devoted following that’s waited years for a chance to see them again (or for the first time). It had been 19 years since they played the Troubadour and there were a few fans in the audience who were also in attendance all those years ago!

Despite the relentless shout outs from the guy who wanted to hear Mesmerise ( “you’re never coming back after this, do it!”), they did not play it that night, or anywhere else, apparently. A little disappointing (and surprising), but the set was filled with so many other “hits” and favorites that it hardly mattered.

Rachel Staggs filled in for Rachel Goswell’s parts in Pearl and Ulrich Schnauss joined them on his keyboard for Love Forever.

Now if only Slowdive would come back for a tour, all my Shoegaze dreams would come true…


Ecstasy II
Falling Down
Greater Power
Something More
Then We’ll Rise
Precious One
Rain (Beatles cover)
Come Heaven
In My Arms
Pearl (with Rachel Goldstar)
Love Forever (with Ulrich Schnauss)

If You want Me
Inside of Me

♥ aida

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