Interview with Twin Sister

After having just wrapped up their European tour with Devendra Banhart and The Grogs,  it’s all too apparent that you can’t stop Twin Sister and their exquisite daydream.  Secret Girls found them in a moment of  pause, coming down from their joyous, sultry, reverie just long enough to get the answers to those questions that keep you awake into those wee Autumn hours.

Ditte: Astrologically speaking: What are your signs?
Twin Sister: Dev is Cancer, Bryan is Capricorn, Gabe is Aquarius, I (Eric) am Scorpio, and Andrea is a Gemini.

D: Your music is so intimate and I would imagine that you’re a closely knit group- when and where did you all meet? Was music something you always knew you wanted for yourselves?
TS: That is very true. We all did our prime growing up on Long Island, about an hour east of NYC. We’ve been friends playing music together since some of us were 12 and 13. I can remember nights sitting in Bryan’s old bedroom in our underwear playing guitar saying how cool it would be if we could be musicians for even just a year, so we feel very lucky.

D: You’ve been touring steadily, most recently with The Morning Benders and soon to be with Devendra Banhart In Europe. Has it been a whirlwind? Do you guys get the chance to spend time in any of the cities you play? Are there any cities that you particularly fell in love with/looking forward to playing in?
TS: The dates with Devendra and the Grogs were amazing, we got along really really well. We are on the Morning Benders tour right now and it is going really really well, they are the sweetest. Unfortunately we don’t get to spend enough time in the cities we play, but some of them we do. We had a day off in New Orleans that was a lot of fun. We just played the Fillmore in SF and fell in love with it. I think it might be my favorite venue.

D: On both “Vampires With Dreaming Kids” and “Color Your Life” there’s a lot of imagery created with lyrics. Who writes the lyrics for the band and are the lyrics a reflection of personal experiences, a reflection of the places you’ve been and faces you’ve seen or do you pull from anything that moves you?

TS: Andrea writes most of the lyrics, I write some, and Dev wrote the song Milk & Honey. I have no explanation for them!

D: As well as being intimate your music has a nostalgic feel to it and it often evokes feelings of yesteryear; days gone by. Is there any particular era that you feel connected to or that inspires you?
TS: Not anything in particular.

D: You’re a melodic, soft, hushed band- even when you’re loud you still remain a snowstorm. Is there anything your fans would be surprised to find in your music collections?
TS: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, tons of hip hop, tons of old Hindi film music, tons of old House and Techno, J-Pop, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson

D: There’s an amazing performance of “Lady Daydream” that I scrounged up on Youtube. And I was too involved in the performance itself to notice that Andrea’s eyebrows had mysteriously disappeared! What happened to them?
TS: Haha! This is the best question. The answer is, I do not know. Keeping up with her additions and subtractions is a futile effort.

D: Speaking of “Lady Daydream” who is the elusive “Green”?
TS: A character in one of Andrea’s comics she made.

D: What are you all most looking forward to in the upcoming New Year?
TS: RECORDING! everything in general. life is nice.

To keep up with Twin Sister please visit their site

♥♫ Ditte

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