Blonde Redhead | Webster Hall | Nov 3 2010


The crisp Autumn air paired with the teaser of Pantha du Prince’s electrifying and deeply shrouded curtain of sound set the tone for the first of a two night run for Blonde Redhead at Webster Hall. Pantha du Prince shrouded in bass and fog let us know that a lush and overwhelmingly breathtaking evening lay ahead. I was unsure of what to expect from Pantha du Prince, as he’s described as a minimalist but his sound is anything but minimal. It’s full-bodied, entrancing and more than anything it thunders.

Emerging on the stage, clad in a porcelain white dress, and haunting mask-hat-wig, Kazu took the stage opening with Black Guitar with Amedeo. Beckoning and captivating the crowd, luring us in with ominous gestures, Kazu moved across the stage illuminated in white light. The full scope of Kazu’s soft resonant vocals paired with Simone’s commanding drums and Amedeo’s heart wrenching guitar playing created an intimacy that could be felt throughout. I could go on about the ambiance: the cathedral-like lighting, the mist that gave rise to the looming and the swell of the atmosphere, the twins in their sharp, pin-striped shirts, and Kazu and her single armwarmer, conductors hat and booties but I’ll refrain. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The set was emotional and a great pleasure for devoted fans of Blonde Redhead, offering a wealth of favorites from both “Penny Sparkle” and “23”. A personal, notable gem was the surprise of a double encore led with a shaky yet endearing start to “Silently” where Kazu apologetically explained that “Sometimes when you’re not practicing the old songs you forget.” That was just one of many intimate and touching moments during the show. The night air was full of magic, surreal light and fantastical moments. I’ll suffice it to say that from the floor up through the ceiling Blonde Redhead created a chamber of resonant sound that could be felt in undertaking waves.

Please visit Blonde Redhead for tour dates, 4Ad sessions and news on the band.


Black Guitar

Here Sometimes

Dr. Strangeluv

Spring and by Summer Fall


En Particulier



Will There Be Stars

Not Getting There

Falling Man



Melody of Certain Three

My Plants Are Dead

2nd Encore:

Penny Sparkle


Love or Prison


Tour Dates:

Sun, 11/14 – San Diego CA – House of Blues
Mon, 11/15 – Pomona CA – Glass House
Tue, 11/16 – Los Angeles CA – The Music Box
Wed, 11/17 – Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box
Fri, 11/19 – San Francisco CA – Warfield Theatre
Sat, 11/20 – Portland OR – Roseland Theatre
Sun, 11/21 – Vancouver BC – Commodore Ballroom
Wed, 11/24 – Seattle WA – Showbox (at the Market)
Fri, 11/26 – Salt Lake City UT – The Depot
Sat, 11/27 – Denver CO – Ogden Theatre
Mon, 11/29 – Houston TX – Warehouse Live Studio
Tue, 11/30 – Dallas TX – Granada Theater
Wed, 12/1 – Austin TX – La Zona Rosa

♬♥ Ditte

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