Distractions| Dark Green Sea| January 18th, 2011

Distractions – Please Slow Down

If I told you there was this adorable, nostalgic flavored band based out of Chicago, cranking out lo-fi, surfer, garage rock  melodies, would you suddenly find yourself on the brink of curiosity, excitement and intrigue? Would you pause during your mid-morning cup of coffee, and be moved to utter words like “Neat!” and clamor to discover what the buzz was all about? Well all the fuss and excitement is over Infinite Best’s newest gem, Distractions. I spent the better part of my morning layered in visions of organs, surf waves, the stomp of garage rock and the sweeping tones of droned and jangly, jarring guitars.  I’m fairly certain I sniffed out a touch of Calvin Johnson coupled with Sonic Youth while flirting with Brian Wilson. It’s got that Saturday Looks Good To Me vibe and that unmistakable reeling feeling that echoes Arthur Russell, all while luring you in with a sound that peaks curiosity and interest.  I want more. You will too.

Their debut album, Dark Green Sea, is officially set to release on Infinite Best on January 18th 2011.  You can discover Distractions via their Myspace and Dark Green Sea is available for pre-order now.  You know it’s gonna be a daydream because it was mixed by Dev from the ever lovely Twin Sister!

Distractions Website:  distractionschicago.blogspot.com


From me to you with ♥,


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