Chameleons Vox – Black Swan Lane – Sleepmask @ The Troubadour 11.15.11

Sleepmask were good.

Black Swan Lane were very good.

THE FUCKING CHAMELEONS WERE AMAZING!!! Add Vox to the end of their name for naming purposes now.

Over the last year and a half Los Angeles has been lucky enough to host several shows by the magnificent songwriter/composer/vocalist of The Chameleons, Mark Burgess. Tonight’s show at the Troubadour also featured their original drummer John Lever. To say all three shows have been great would be a gross understatement. I guess that the best description of their show would be to use the words “floating on a cloud of the best possible kind of magic.” Burgess’ vocals are in top form, and he gives his all. He’s recently stepped out from his old role as bassist, to focus purely on the vocals and his performance. I need to stress again, he gives his all, smiling through so much of the set, performing without pretension, he simply becomes his voice, of which his movements are an extension of.

The set list was perfect, spanning their not nearly large enough catalog, but each song piling on the last, building dark sonic monuments that dive and then soar off into the most beautiful parts of space. Crowds at shows these days usually seem to be finished long before the bands they came to see, but that was not the case tonight, everyone was there to see their hero and show appreciation to one of the finest lyricists to set words to melody. Finally, a legitimate demand for additional songs to be played on encore was clearly felt by the band, and they emerged from backstage, emotionally moved, and pouring their appreciation back to the audience.

There were many moments I felt like I was levitating during the set, it was unreal to witness, hearing the flawless guitar tones, and how his delivery of lyrics removes you from your body. He is a master. There is nothing else to say but do not miss this. If you enjoy music, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Michael Cameron

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One Response to Chameleons Vox – Black Swan Lane – Sleepmask @ The Troubadour 11.15.11

  1. John Velez says:

    You were definitely spot on with this rock show. This is one of my favorite bands to rock out to at home, but even more so, to have the chance to see them live is even better! Sad to say, I’ve never seen the complete original lineup live.

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