Peter Murphy @ Club Nokia 12/7/11

I’ll skip talking about the mall goth bands that opened the night and go straight into the elegant, theatrical, and wonderfully strange performance Peter Murphy gave us. He opened the set with a cover of “Hurt” by NIN. Surprising choice, but anything this man sings sounds beautiful and haunting. The set had a great mixture of softly soaring and heavily rockin songs. He moved around the stage quickly, swinging his arms like a bat, or standing in the shadows with a thoughtful pose. In addition to the beautiful stage lighting, there were two spotlights on both sides of the stage that he would place himself in front of from time to time, for a dramatic and romantic effect during some of the more powerful parts of his songs.

A young boy in a Bauhaus shirt was pulled on stage and embraced by Murphy. Murphy also had an interesting bond with his band during the show, even walking toward the drummer and extending his arms toward him in a loving gesture. There were 3 outfit changes during the night as well. He came out in a lovely black suit, then ran backstage after a few songs to put on the hat he wears on the cover of the “Ninth.” The jacket eventually came off and revealed an elegant, long sleeved white shirt. The final outfit change was for the second encore (yes, there were two!), and it was him back with another jacket and dimmer lighting on stage. I really respect and enjoy his attention to detail and putting on an actual performance.

He mostly spun around the stage, but he played acoustic guitar on a few songs, and a bit of synth on one. He did the Bauhaus style cover of Ziggy Stardust and generously gave us 5 Bauhaus songs, but he copped out of Bela Lugosi by finishing off the end of “Strange Kind Love” with the first 2 lines, softly sung and beautiful, but quite a tease since I’m sure, like me, everyone else expected a full transition into the song. I’m more than happy with what he gave us, but that was a little unfair. His powerful, spine chilling voice is enough to win you over, but the combination of every element is really what a show should be. His important place in music history is clearer than ever in my mind.


Velocity Bird
Burning From the Inside
A Strange Kind of Love
I Spit Roses
I’ll Fall with Your Knife
Memory Go
The Prince and Old Lady Shade
Silent Hedges
Sitgmata Martyr
In the Flat Field
Uneven and Brittle

First Encore

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Cuts You Up
Ziggy Stardust

Second Encore

Your Face

♥ aida

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