Violet Tremors/Soft Metals/Blouse @ Part Time Punks 1/22/12

Violet Tremors opened the night with an air-tight set of claustrophobic minimal wave. Straight-forward beats and heavy baselines reminiscent of Cabaret Voltaire and Absolute Body Control had me dancing immediately. There were some subtle elements that reminded me of Adult.’s early live show.

I was blown away by the badass nature of Soft Metal’s set, who I had not heard until tonight. Elegant 80’s electronics mixed with really well arranged beats and synth work. I accomplished some pretty major dancing to this set. Two noticeable touchstones of some of my favorite tracks they played were programing that reminded me of some of New Order’s more intricate moments, and OMD-style synth flourishes. I even heard a little of The Creatures here and there, but they didn’t stick to one style and had some clever new amalgams of influences that worked really well. Absolutely loved their set, can’t wait to see them again.

Blouse are about to blow so big you won’t know what happened. Their album is major, and live there’s enormous depth and maturity to their sound. Dreamy, atmospheric, danceable and presented by a front-woman who feels extremely sincere, and at home selling the subtlety and emotion of their music.

As usual, excellent DJing from Michael Stock. It was a banner evening for Part Time Punks.

Michael Cameron

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