Soft Metals/Com Truise/Teengirl Fantasy/Green Horse @ Echoplex 02/07/12

Soft Metals were way too fucking great, 2nd time seeing them, loved it even more. Hands down my favorite new band, they play the exact music I like to dance to. Live show is so well arranged and executed, walks the line between the dance world and still maintains a pop sensibility. Brought uninitiated friends, and they were converts by the end of their set. I can’t say it enough, amazing!!!

Com Truise were great as well, heavy bass lines, mid-tempo stuff mostly, quality arrangements, it’s missing like 5% of something I can’t quite place, so I shouldn’t go hunting for what that is, they get an A++ for projections, really well put together visuals, well thought out for their set.

The first song Teengirl Fantasy played out of the gates went from basic kick drum to rainbow-unicorn-fantasy faster than I could even process what happened. It caught me so off guard that I laughed, really good opener! On the whole the set had some great moments, wasn’t falling in love with it, but they drove me to move a few times.

Green Horse, as my friend pointed out, appeared from a distance like Future Wild Stallions from Bill & Ted. Quality set, they did a good job. Just lacked magic. Can I penalize a band for lacking magic? I guess learn magic, then book shows.

Michael Cameron

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