Psychic TV @ The Echoplex 2/26/12

What Psychic TV does best is build up these extremely intricate energy structures to a peak, and then quietly dismantles them until you’re left in the exact emotional space Genesis would like to feel. SO AMAZING! Similar to what she accomplishes with Throbbing Gristle, but with a broader spectrum of emotion, and color. Her lyrics are so precise and so well organized, and they come in for massive effect. She’s one of the most devastating song writers to ever craft lyrics. The nuance and context she brought to the simple words thank you, in “Thank You (Part 1)” were monumental after the onslaught of her build-up.

She told us it was going to be an alien themed set, which brought a few very welcome surprises, including two covers, Can’s “Mother Sky” and Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain.” Both created an expansive space for Genesis to inhabit with her rainbow of beautiful and complex emotions. During the show an amazing image of Lady Jaye and Genesis’ faces, folding into each other in space, reoccurred in their projections, and gave even more weight as to what was driving her during the performance, and her signature heartbreaking kiss of her tattoo of her beloved deceased partner.

It was also the belated celebration of Genesis’ 62nd birthday. Friends from backstage emerged with a cake that was passed around the audience, which was actually quite delicious. Always a nice bonus to get a snack during an amazing show. She has accomplished so much in her time here on earth, innovated in so many ways, and set an example that continues to inspire to this day, and in my book, she is still at the height of her powers.

“Alien Sky” was intensely immersive, and you could hear Genesis locking into her energetic/emotional space and turning the audience into her bitch as she fucked us all dry. In her space there are no rules, there is only existence, and every word she spoke was her way to drag us outside of the sleep of our culture into a broader perspective of which only great art can take us, beyond.

Michael Cameron

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