Grimes – Visions

There are many things to say about Claire Boucher’s project, Grimes, and one of the most obvious is that her project name and album imagery completely contradict her delicate, dreamy music, voice, and appearance. At times she resembles an other worldly creature, both physically and vocally. I can imagine her sitting by a waterfall in a magical forest, singing beautifully in some indecipherable language. On her newest release, Visions, her vocals sometimes resemble the childlike playfulness of hindi music, or the spiritual chanting of soothing new age songs. There are also hints of shoegaze and dreampop. The instrumentation is reminiscent of 80’s synthpop, and 90’s electronica and hip hop. Although this sounds all over the place, and Boucher has described herself as “post-internet” (no attention span or linearity), the overall result is somehow a cohesive album with a nice flow.

♥ aida

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