The Magnetic Fields @ The Orpheum Theatre 3/23/12

The beautiful Orpheum Theatre in wonderfully strange downtown L.A. was the perfect setting to see The Magnetic Fields play their acoustic style set, and be introduced to lovely opening act, Bachelorette.

Bachelorette was an electronic dream of loops and synths and guitar. I was not familiar with her work before this, but her Broadcast-esque spaciness and beauty immediately hooked me. The looped harmonies (5 in one song!) created a tranquil mood that echoed beautifully through the old theater.

The Magnetic Fields have so many sounds and characters and voices on their albums that some express disappointment toward their stripped down live performance, but I find the acoustic vibe to be just as enjoyable. With that said, I’d probably pay the same price just to see them perform true to album versions of The Dreaming Moon, Strange Powers, and In My Secret Place.

Stephin Merritt and Shirley Simms traded off vocals, and Claudia Gonson took lead for a few, but mostly engaged in her usual adorable stage banter with Stephin. Their songs have the power to make you smile and cry multiple times in one night. They hopped around their entire catalogue, but it was a 69 Love Songs heavy set:

1. I Die
2. A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
3. Your Girlfriend’s Face
4. Reno Dakota
5. Come Back From San Francisco
6. No One Will Ever Love You
7. I’ve Run Away to Join the Fairies
8. Plant White Roses
9. Drive On Driver
10. My Husband’s Pied-A-Terre
11. Time Enough for Rocking
12. The Horrible Party
13. Smoke and Mirrors
14. Goin Back to the Country
15. Andrew in Drag
16. Quick!
17. Busby Berkeley Dreams
18. Boa Constrictor
19. The Book of Love
20. Fear of Trains
21. You Must Be Out of Your Mind
22. Grand Canyon
23. Swinging London
24. It’s Only Time
25. Smile! No One Cares How You Feel (Gothic Archies)


26. Tar-Heel Boy
27. Forever and a Day

♥ aida

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