Italian Horn – The Bells Of Spring

Italian Horn / The Bells Of Spring

Italian Horn, the solo project of NYC writer Anthony Pappalardo, creates a perfectly structured lo-fi air of hazy, blissed out, wistful longing on the 12″ EP “The Bells of Spring”. Tracks like “Red Affair”, “Cambridge Factory”, and title track “The Bells of Spring”,  lured me in like a fond memory. Shoegaze textures and the use of beckoning, washed out vocals paired with mesmerizing synth and reverberation, conjures feelings of anxious nostalgia; something lost, something seeking, something burning to be rediscovered. It’s hard not to feel somewhat sentimental while listening to “The Bells of Spring”- after all the cover art is a collage by Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, and Italian Horn evokes a mood that grazes up perfectly against cherished bands like Bailterspace, Guided By Voices and Sebadoh.

It doesn’t seem fair that “The Bells of Spring” leaves us with only a mere 15 minutes of spellbinding sound. It plunges in, coasts along, each song blending seamlessly with the next, and when it’s over we’re tempted to hit “repeat” all in an effort to recapture the reverie.

Italian Horn celebrates its record release and first live performance with Dais Records and Weird tonight, April 4th, at Home Sweet Home in NYC.

For more on Italian Horn please check out:

Italian Horn
Dais Records

♥ Ditte

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