Coachella Day 3, Weekend 2 – 4/22/12

Written by Michael Cameron

Put on a set in the most blazing heat of all 3 days. Melting, faces melting, death, and dying. She danced, her dancers danced, and I was watching in horror thinking how could they do anything but sit and try to find shade. She’s got some great songs, though it’s like watching a lesser M.I.A. perform, and by that I mean M.I.A. 2005. But this was incredibly enjoyable for something I watched while sitting in an oven.

The Growlers
Great set, beach goth at its best. They are like Ariel Pink meets a 60s garage band/surfer sound. One of the most fun sets of the weekend. Not many songs share the same beat as “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun,” but they have a couple.

Wild Flag
Watched this in 3D from the Beats by Dre sponsored tent. I enjoyed the set. No Sleater-Kinney but what is?

The Hives
2002 is calling, they want their The Hives back.

I mean, there’s not much that they could do that every other techno band isn’t doing, besides have a glowing cross. They played a great set. Fun dance music, mixed heavier than the records, with a cool light show.

At The Drive-In
They played “One Armed Scissor” and all the other songs that sound like “One Arm Scissor.” It was more exciting at the first one.

Florence & The Machine
I’m not going to be too hard on this lady, she’s got a great voice, and the music sounded good. She was way hopped up on positivity. I don’t know her music well, but this was the one thing holding me back. You’d think I’d be on board for celebrating myself, but with frat guys and their mini-harems, the only thing I was celebrating was not getting my skull crushed by them as they trampled people to death to get closer to the stage. Largest draw ever for 2nd stage at Coachella, looked that way to me at least.

Dre & Snoop
It was good times partying with Pac’s hologram. Dre and Snoop came out and did most of what I wanted to hear right off the bat. My biggest complaint was not enough songs from the original Chronic album. Chronic 2001 was clearly more popular with this crowd of hip hop children, but you can’t fault them for not being 10 years older. Eminem was there, 50 was there, it was a lot of concert for the money. “Let Me Ride” would have made the night perfect though. Let’s hope that next year they decide to book Ice Cube, or just a solo hologram of Eazy E.

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