Euros Childs – Summer Special

Ah, what a wonderful summer surprise to open my e-mail this morning and see Euros Childs’s beautiful beaming face, popping out of colorful striped floaty no less.

Euros today has released his seventh solo album, Summer Special, a sparkling set of his characteristically masterful pop tunes. As the title and cover suggest, this outing with Mr.Childs is a joyous occasion. Song titles like “Good Feeling,” “Be Be High,” and “That’s Better” give ample indication of what an up album this is. The production is bright and buoyant, reminiscent of of latter-day Gorky’s (in fact, that sounds like Megan Childs on violin in about half of the songs). There’s everything you could want from an Euros Childs album: beautifully skewed ballads (“These Dreams of You”), rollicking rockers (“Roogie Boogie,” “Around and Around”), a plaintive folky song (“Skipping and Dancing”), a song in Welsh (“Clap a Chan”), and of course, lovely harmonies abound.

A very summery and special album indeed!

Download it here:

Nick Cullen

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