Coldair, Kyst, & Drug Cabin @ Culture Collide, Day 1 10/4/12

Text by Christopher Dreisbach
Photos by Aida Daneshvar


Such a pleasant set from Tobiasz Biliński’s Coldair. Delicately plucked guitars brushed up against anthemic trumpet and trombone harmonies. Biliński’s not-overly-precious-but-still-pretty coo fit snugly with the overall melodic, light post-rock vibe despite the fact that he was battling a cold. The lyrics were solid but I wondered if any of the bands from abroad would sing in their native tongues.


The art-ier, more expressionistic cousin of Coldair (in fact, the group featured Tobiasz Biliński and Adam Byczkowski from Coldair), Ludwig Plath’s Kyst was a highlight of the festival for me. The group built epic compositions from interlaced drum patterns (each member plays drums), ghostly guitar, electronic samples, and three part harmonies. The band expertly mined the territory between cinematic post-rock and otherworldly folk. This was fitting music for a church.


This band instantly won me over in part because of their lackadaisical yet efficient sound-check. I’ve honestly never seen a band take so little time to sound-check and still sound so good. The best way I can describe Drug Cabin’s sound is “indie rock Grateful Dead”…in the best way possible. With a name like “Drug Cabin”, I was expecting something a bit more damaged or chaotic, but these gentlemen offered breezy, melodic gems with a wily slacker’s charm.

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